Friday, December 10, 2010

I am going to try real hard to update my blog, its almost been a year..way to long to wait! so those of you that check it out can encourage me to do better!! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful blessed New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here comes Dasher...

Whip them into shape Santa..
Can you tell we don't have Cable..My kids are enough entertainment!!
Every night is a talent show or road show on the go!!

Merry Christmas Too ALL!

Katelyn and Hunter had their school Christmas Program yesterday and they did wonderful.
Hunter is so animated when he sings, he is fun to watch
Katelyn was one of the Christmas Angels and she looked so beautiful.

Hunter has the Santa hat on and the plaid shirt!

Another Piano Recital

Emily and her Teacher!
Katelyn and her teacher.
Emily did so well, she is really good and we are proud of her..this picture did not come out so well! She played Jingle bells.
This was Katelyn's first one and she was so brave and did so good!
She played Away in a Manger.

2 Minutes please:)

Sometimes it can be a chore to get good teeth brushing accomplished, so we started a new two minute rule, we set the timer and away they go!

Happy Halloween O9

Hunter is Six!!

Aunt Jennifer delivered, he couldn't be happier, just what he wanted!
He got lots of needed clothes, thank you all who donated to the cause of clothing my son!

such a simple happy face! I love this little man!
The Skate board cake, that's what he wanted so mom got her creative juices flowing..ha ha
His own personal cake, we started this tradition somewhere along the line, and we do it for every birthday, the kids love waking up to cake and a happy birthday song!
It is hard to believe how big my kids are getting!

Just OliViA..

First Day of GymnAstics, she absolutely LovEs it!

I have a picture of one of my PoutY faces just like this, she is more than adorable and she is definitely MiNe!
She has SO many different FaceS!! This is her WHAT face.
ThiS is the most AdoraBle little girl and I get to wake up to her smiling face
every SinGle morning:)

Soccer Season 2oo9

Emily did very well this season. She was a lot more aggressive...
She is finally gaining confidence in herself and her abilities!
She made the first goal of her last game and we couldn't be prouder!
Her team name was the Blue Ocean Blowers??
Katelyn was unstoppable this season..she made at least one or two goals a game on average, she did wonderful and enjoyed it so much, she also had the best coach ever, Mr. Green, a good coach sometimes make all the difference!
Her team name was ??? i can not remember

Hunter had SO much fun this year too, he is going to be a good defender, he didn't want to leave the goal. He had a really fun coach this year to. We are going to enjoy watching him next year!
His team name was the fireballs!

Back to School 2009

The first day of school for the 2009-10 school year, Hunter Started kindergarten, Katelyn is in Second grade, and Emily is in how time flies, it seems like yesturday that they were all little babies!

Camping on Mt. Graham

We went camping on Mt. Graham for three days before school started, here are a few of the pictures, I took several more...We had so much fun as a family, talking, laughing, telling stories and singing around the campfire, and going on beautiful nature walks!
There was this beautiful stream running right along the trail we were walking on, and it had beautiful wild flowers growing every where!
My kids love to climb anything possible..
Katelyn found a Caterpillar
Emily is such a good big sister, I loved this picture and was glad I was there to take it!
Chris took us on a wild goose chase trying to find the Ice caves that he remembered as a boy..he had us climbing all over the side of the mountain, the kids loved it, but as a mother you always have fear for safety in the back of your mind!!!
Enjoying the cozy campfire (some interesting faces in these ones)

We had a blast and we plan on making it a family tradition!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My birthday, woo hoo

I had a great birthday. My husband got me beautiful flowers.
And we went on Mt Graham for a picnic and a very fun day
we played baseball, went on a hike, ate a lot
of food, and enjoyed the campfire and scenery.

My kids picked me a whole bunch of wildflowers, Olivia
just kept picking and picking as we were hiking
she had her hands so full and everytime she dropped one
we would have to stop and pick it up. I loved just spending
time with my kids and my husband, and nothing else to
get in the way.

Blow birthday girl. This is horrible,
but since I put pictures on here that my
husband hates of him I figured I could
spare just one....
Oh I am getting OLD
and Last but not least, my yummy chocolate, major chocolate
Birthday cake that I ate for three or four more days.
mmmm mm good:-)

Friends at the 24th

Olivia and her best friend Emma
Katelyn and her friend Lindsay
Emily and her friend Sarah